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Capcom Announces DLC For Resident Evil Village

Capcom has kicked off its E3 showcase this year with a big announcement for Resident Evil Village.

Kicking off the presentation by thanking gamers for the incredible response to this year’s installment in the survival horror franchise, the development team confirms that RE: Verse, a multiplayer component free to all owners of the series’ eighth entry, is finally due to go live in July following its delay earlier this year. Fantastic news for anyone interested in playing as some of the franchise’s most iconic heroes and villains, then, but the hype train doesn’t grind to a halt there.

While admittedly brief, Capcom also reveals that by huge demand, DLC for Village is now in production, with more details to come at a later date. The assumption, then, is that the decision to extend Ethan Winters’ story beyond the vanilla experience has only recently been made, meaning it’ll likely be some time before fans catch wind of anything substantial.

If we were to speculate – and it goes without saying that major spoilers lie ahead – there are two likely outcomes here. Either a similar approach to Resident Evil 7 (i.e. bite-sized chapters largely removed from the base campaign) will be adopted, or the narrative will continue beyond Resident Evil Village‘s post-credits scene. For those not aware, Ethan Winters, shortly after his climactic battle with Mother Miranda, succumbs to his wounds and entrusts the care of his daughter, Rose, to Chris Redfield and Mia.

In what’s believed to be a time skip, Rose is seen visiting her departed father’s grave as a teenager before getting into a car and driving off into the distance. A mystery figure is shown approaching her vehicle just as the screen cuts to black, providing somewhat of a cliffhanger ending. An expansion featuring Rose Winters as the protagonist, perhaps? Let us know what you think in the usual place below!

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