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All The Winners Of The Voice From Every Season

Image via NBC The Voice is one of the biggest singing competition show on American television and it has already aired 20 seasons in total. The country and the world have witnessed amazing talent in those 20 years and we’ll see the winners from each season. The winners get to sign a recording contract with Universal Republic Records and $100,000. ...

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‘Bleed with Me’ Review: Shudder’s Original Is a Stiff, Sluggish Descent Into Bloodthirsty Madness

Ever-growing gem of a streaming platform, Shudder, has given us some great platform-exclusive horror flicks, including recent abduction thriller The Boy Behind The Door, which is worth your look for the nail-biting suspense. More often than not, anything labelled a “Shudder Original” is pretty solid. It pains me to assert they have a rare miss. Their new exclusive feature from ...

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One Of Adam Sandler’s Worst Movies Is Massively Popular On Hulu

Adam Sandler is a controversial figure in Hollywood. While he has worked on beloved films like Uncut Gems and Happy Gilmore, he has also been behind several big-name flops. And right now, one of those flops is trending on Hulu, suggesting that people are in the mood for some so-bad-its-good cinema.  According to Flixpatrol Adam Sandler’s 2011 film, Jack And Jill is currently the sixth most ...

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Anthony Mackie Closes Deal To Lead Captain America 4

News pti-PTI | Updated: Thursday, August 19, 2021, 18:33 [IST] Actor Anthony Mackie has officially come aboard Captain America 4 at Marvel Studios. Mackie, who plays Sam Wilson aka The Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), recently assumed the title of Captain America towards the end of his Disney Plus series Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Shang-Chi And The ...

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Bela Lugosi Remembered 65 Years After His Death

When it comes to classic movie monsters, there have been fewer that have seen more iterations than Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but of all the actors to have played the bloodsucking Count on screen one of most iconic, recognizable and influential was Bela Lugosi, and there was no better time to remember the prolific Hungarian actor than around the 65th anniversary ...

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