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90s Sequels to Epic 80s Movies

In some circles, filmmakers and critics have complained that the 1980’s is one of the worst decades in American cinema, among them, Quentin Tarantino. Despite the negativity of those critics, the decade will be known for some of the most epic Hollywood movies ever released. This was the decade when the big studio movie or high-concept ‘blockbuster’ was created and ...

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Iron Fist’s Stunt Coordinator: Jessica Henwick Trained Much Harder Than Finn Jones

Netflix’s Marvel series were hugely popular, and fans still mourn their mass cancellation even now. But the general consensus had it that Iron Fist was the weakest among them, with the martial arts-themed show often criticized—rightly or wrongly—for its uninvolving action scenes, poor scriptwork, and the performance of its leading man, Finn Jones, as billionaire Danny Rand. One bright spot, ...

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