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‘Kate’ Review: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Goes Savage in Underwhelming Action Thriller

Mary Elizabeth Winstead pops Yakuza skulls like bubble wrap in an action-packed, but underwhelming thriller. Kate has an elite assassin plowing through organized crime baddies in Tokyo. She’s been irreversibly poisoned, has twenty-four hours to live, and wants to deliver some serious vengeance in her waning moments. Blades, blood, and bullets fly nearly nonstop throughout the film. Pure action junkies ...

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‘Bleed with Me’ Review: Shudder’s Original Is a Stiff, Sluggish Descent Into Bloodthirsty Madness

Ever-growing gem of a streaming platform, Shudder, has given us some great platform-exclusive horror flicks, including recent abduction thriller The Boy Behind The Door, which is worth your look for the nail-biting suspense. More often than not, anything labelled a “Shudder Original” is pretty solid. It pains me to assert they have a rare miss. Their new exclusive feature from ...

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‘Reminiscence’ Review: Hugh Jackman’s Yawn-Inducing Mind Trip

Hugh Jackman searches for his lost love in a water-logged, yawn-inducing blend of Inception and Strange Days. Reminiscence refers to a near future technology where past memories can be experienced again in a cerebrum simulation. The story takes place in a Miami flooded by climate change and beset by class warfare. Poverty stricken drug addicts pine for the sweet embrace ...

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#Home Movie Review: A Crowded Canvas That Dilutes the Story of a Technologically Challenged Man

#Home Director: Rojin Thomas Cast: Indrans, Manju Pillai, Sreenath Bhasi, Naslen K. Gafoor, Kainakari Thankaraj There is a bit of novelty in Rojin Thomas’ Malayalam work, #Home, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. People are named after English literary characters, like Oliver Twist, while his brother is Peter Pan and sister, Mary Poppins! We do not see the last two; ...

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The Night House Review

Throughout her career, Rebecca Hall has always tended to deliver her best performances when she’s cast as a character who appears to be an introverted shrinking violet from the outside, but reveals serious mental fortitude and inner strength the more she sinks her teeth into the role. It’s yielded fantastic turns in projects as diverse as Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Ben ...

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