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ContraPoints’ New Video Breaks 2 Million Just 10 Days After Release

Natalie Wynn, more commonly known as Contrapoints, recently released a video after six months of her channel having zero uploads. Her 1.38 million subscribers, alongside many others apparently, were all eagerly awaiting for the video to drop as ‘Envy’ has already broken past 2 million views only 10 days after it was released.

‘Envy’ is the sequel to her September 2020 video called ‘Justice’ which covered punishment, abolition, and how that intersects with internet cultures. That 43-minute long video is currently sitting at 2,072,317 views while ‘Envy’ has already reached 2,070,029 despite its massive length of one hour and forty-eight minutes.

The new video covers the titular topic as well as resentment-based politics, and how that specifically interfaces with online cultures. “The whole internet is about jealousy. It creates such animosity between people because it’s all about people envying each other. It’s so unhealthy in every possible way,” she told The Guardian in an interview in June. She also discussed how she had been studying Buddism while preparing to make the video.

Love her or hate her, it is undeniable that Contrapoints holds particular sway in the niche YouTube community known as “BreadTube.” While she has been the center of controversy before, it looks like she’s taken the spotlight once again in a serious way.

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