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Kimchi-Melon Gazpacho

In high summer, when the New York City humidity feels oozy, like melted cheese on a patty, it’s icy jugs of this gazpacho that I crave. Spicy. Savory. Sweet. It’s all that and then some! Peak season melon, not unlike good tomatoes—juicy and tasting of the sun—is a logical supplement. Kimchi, full of sharp aromatics and a mild fizz, prevents the gazpacho from being too sweet. If you’re lucky enough to score some oi (cucumber) kimchi, sub that for the Napa cabbage. Cashews add a silky heft to the gazpacho with none of the stodginess that bread can sometimes bring. Cold mutes flavor, so season the gazpacho before chilling until it has the pucker of a salt and vinegar chip.—Shilpa Uskokovic

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