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Live Report – England vs India, 2nd Test, Lord’s, 3rd day


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The Lord’s Test between England and India continues to see-saw from one side to the other. How will it swing on the third day? Follow our updates to find out (Please refresh the page for the latest). Also follow our ball-by-ball commentary here and our Hindi coverage here.

Opening hour


This has been steady going for England, and a particularly impressive innings from Bairstow so far. It’s been no secret that teams have tried to hit his middle stump, and he’s had to work on his game in the V as a result. Importantly, that doesn’t seem to have affected his judgement outside off stump. You see Pujara lately and you get a contrast – he’s become uncertain on both the outside as well as inside edge, because of the work he had to against the incoming ball. So far, Bairstow looks very organised. The work he’s done hasn’t affected his ability to score quickly either. First hour to England.

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