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A New Tool Shows How Google Results Vary Around the World

A Google spokesperson said the differences in results were not caused by censorship and that content about the Tiananmen Square massacre is available via Google Search in any language or locale setting. Touristy images win prominence in some cases, the spokesperson said, when the search engine detects an intent to travel, which is more likely for searchers closer to Beijing ...

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Locate nearest vaccination centre using Google Search and Maps: A step-by-step guide – Times of India

Coronavirus spread in the country once again and created an alarming situation in the country. Although the coronavirus spread has slowed down in the past couple of weeks, almost 1 lakh cases are reported every day. In situations like this, vaccines are probably the only way to contain the spread and Indian government has already started the vaccination for everyone ...

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Deepfake Maps Could Really Mess With Your Sense of the World

Satellite images showing the expansion of large detention camps in Xinjiang, China, between 2016 and 2018 provided some of the strongest evidence of a government crackdown on more than a million Muslims, triggering international condemnation and sanctions. Other aerial images—of nuclear installations in Iran and missile sites in North Korea, for example—have had a similar impact on world events. Now, ...

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