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Why New Syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Banks Is A Must For 10th & 12th Term 1 Board Exams 2021-22?

New Delhi: CBSE has decided to divide the entire term into two halves in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students, as well as teachers, have had to face a lot of undue and unwarranted challenges that have rendered the entire education system less than effective. However, progress cannot be stopped as the students need to prepare and sit for the examinations to secure their future and everyone else’s.

Term -1 of CBSE Board examinations is reportedly only going to consist of MCQ questions. Now, MCQ questions are generally quite tricky and demand that you have clear concepts, a really strong hold over that particular subject, enough practice, and the nerve to keep your wits about you when the paper is challenging (which CBSE Board Examinations papers almost always are).

The key to a good score in board examinations is to study hard and start early. If you start early, you can devise a strategy that allows you to squeeze out every last second of each day and utilize it in your progress. That is why Oswaal Books’ MCQ Question Bank is an answer to the prayers of thousands of students around the world who want to get into preparation right off the bat.

New Syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Bank Class 10 & 12 for Term – I Board Exams 2021-22

Good study materials are hard to come by, but if you know where to look, you might stumble upon a tool or study resource that not only gives you all that you need and more but also makes the otherwise tedious and strenuous process of preparation, multiple times easier. Here are a few things you need to know about Oswaal Books’ latest gift to all students – their CBSE Question Bank for Term – I:

1. Contains a separate revision section for a quick run-through.

2. Contains Mnemonics and Mind Maps for easier learning and organized remembering.

3. MCQ Questions are updated according to the latest typologies and in coherence with the latest regulations as laid down by CBSE.

4. It contains Concept Videos that target critical areas of the subject, making you proficient in areas that most others might falter.

5. Contains Answer Key with detailed explanations for clearer concepts.

6. Chapter-wise classifications of questions so that you do not have to spend time looking for them.

7. Case-based MCQs that help in getting familiar with the CBSE MCQ Question types.

8. Assertion-Reason-guided MCQs to strengthen the aforementioned skills.

9. It contains Stand Alone MCQs

10. It is carefully assorted and arranged a set of questions that comprise the Question Bank.

Needless to say, this book is the ultimate guide, the perfect tool, and the greatest companion that a student needs when preparing for their CBSE examinations, and that is why, statistically speaking, most toppers prefer to work with Oswaal Books and their set of extremely reliable and intelligible books that are far more student-friendly than the rest.

Here’s the recommended link for New Syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Banks 2021-22 Class 10 for term 1 & 2 Board Exams 2021 -22: https://bit.ly/3xCptDj

New Syllabus CBSE MCQ Question Banks 2021-22 Class 10 for term 1 & 2 Board Exams 2021 -22: https://bit.ly/3xx3cXQ

Benefits of solving MCQ Question Banks before CBSE Term – 1 board examination


In case of preparation for board examination, a habit that pays of well almost always is the habit of solving papers. It is a great practice to get into, and here is why:

1. A better understanding of the questioning pattern – CBSE papers always have a pattern, and even though no two papers are exactly the same, there is a general structure and model that remains the same. If you solve enough question banks, you will get a better idea as to what the general pattern is for the paper, and you will be able to differentiate between different topics. Knowing the kind of answer each question requires is a big feat in itself, and the only true way of knowing that fully well is by solving enough question banks.

2. Practice – If you time yourself and start solving Oswaal Books’ question bank religiously, you will be proficient in the subject in no time at all. This is because by solving these questions, not only are you training yourself to manage time better (dividing up the entire duration of the examination into smaller fragments with regards to each question), but you are also nurturing the art of composing answers faster and better under pressure. Most students fail to secure great marks because they succumb to pressure. If you solve enough papers, you will be able to overcome this shortcoming and you will definitely ace your board examinations.

3. Syllabus Overview – There is no better way to get the right overview of the syllabus than solving question banks. By doing so, you are getting indirect insights into the questioning habit of CBSE and which topics need to be emphasized. By doing so, you know exactly which topics need to be focused on more and which ones you can just give a read. Also, with the help of this overview, you can decide which subjects to avoid altogether and save time that you can spend solving more papers of, better yet, revising.

4. Speed and Accuracy – When you solve papers, with time, you subconsciously develop the habit of thinking and framing answers as you pen them. Time is of the essence in examinations like these, but one cannot slack inaccuracy either. Developing a strong balance of the two can be a bit of a task, but given enough practice of solving question banks, you can learn to write and think faster at the same time.

5. Builds confidence – Confidence is one of the greatest advantages that you can have in life, and an examination hall is no exception. By solving enough question banks, you develop the confidence that you need to ace your question paper.

Oswaal Books has been synonymous with CBSE board examination study materials, and for a good reason. They have always outdone themselves for the sake of the students, and their CBSE MCQ Question Banks stand testimony to the fact. So, visit their website and get their CBSE MCQ question bank and start solving it today.

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